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A code violation correction is the process of correcting electrical code violations in your home or building. Electrical codes are established by local building authorities and are designed to ensure the safety of electrical systems and equipment. Code violations can result from faulty installation, outdated equipment, or changes in code requirements over time.

Common code violations include:

Overloaded circuits: If too many devices are connected to a single circuit, it can overload and cause a fire

Ungrounded outlets: Electrical outlets without a ground wire can pose a safety risk.

Improper wiring: Incorrectly wired electrical systems can pose a fire hazard and may not meet code requirements.

Outdated equipment: Old or outdated electrical equipment may not meet current safety standards.

To correct code violations, a licensed electrician will typically inspect the electrical system and identify any violations. They will then provide an estimate for the cost of repairs and, if you agree to the estimate, proceed with the necessary repairs. It is important to correct code violations promptly to ensure the safety of your home or building and to avoid potential fines for non-compliance with building codes.

If you suspect that your home or building has electrical code violations, it is recommended that you contact a licensed electrician to schedule an inspection and code violation correction. Trying to fix code violations yourself can be dangerous and may not be effective in ensuring that the electrical system is up to code.

Sims & Sons did a great job installing an exterior outlet and switch for us last year, so we called them out to bring our HOA electrical up to code. Christian, Delvin, and Graham did super clean & efficient work, even digging through concrete to install new conduit for power to our garage. Darrell & team will continue to be my first call for any electrical needs.

Caity Kittler
Chicago, IL

We take pride in our effort to contribute towards creating a safe, functional, and technologically advanced environment for homeowners. We can walk you through the process from start to finish and help you complete your project! 

Popular Questions

Clients often inquire about common code violations in electrical systems, such as improper wiring, inadequate grounding, insufficient clearance around electrical panels, improper installation of outlets or switches, and outdated electrical components. They seek clarification on these violations to understand potential issues that may exist in their electrical systems.

Clients want to know the significance of correcting code violations in their electrical systems. Electrical code violations can pose serious safety hazards, including the risk of electrical fires, electric shocks, and damage to electrical equipment. Compliance with electrical codes ensures that the electrical system is installed and maintained correctly, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting the overall safety of the property.

Clients often ask about the role of an electrician in correcting code violations. Electricians specializing in code violation correction have the knowledge and expertise to identify violations, understand current electrical codes and regulations, and implement the necessary repairs or upgrades to bring the electrical system into compliance. They work closely with clients to assess the extent of the violations, develop a comprehensive correction plan, and execute the required electrical work to ensure compliance and safety.

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