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Electrician Lincolnwood IL - Electrical Services by Sims & Sons

Residential Electrician Lincolnwood

Sims & Sons Electric services a home for a new home electrical wiring installation in Lincolnwood, IL.

From the client: “Looking at my home, I am so happy I went with Sims & Sons. From the plan to the final result, the staff are all professionals and experts in their field. The process was painless. I can’t say enough how much I recommend [Sims & Sons] to anyone who needs electrical work done, especially for a new home!

The Challenge

Whole Home Wiring, Custom LED Lighting Installation, New Appliance Power Supply installation, and Complete Outdoor Lighting on the residence and Super Bright LED Perimeter Lights.

The Result

Proper light distribution throughout the entire home. A warmer, welcoming  lighting and esthetics provided throughout home.  Super Bright Custom Outdoor LED Lighting and Perimeter Lights. The client was happy with the results and gave Sims & Sons a 5 Star Review on Yelp and Google.

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