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Professional Electricians and Lighting Experts' Photo Gallery

Welcome to our photo gallery, where excellence in electrical services comes to light. At Sims & Sons Electric and Plumbing, we're not just electricians; we're craftsmen dedicated to perfecting every aspect of your electrical needs in Chicago, IL. Dive into our world of exceptional electrical solutions, displayed vividly through our recent projects.

Electrical Projects Portfolio in Chicago and North / Northwest suburbs

Explore our diverse portfolio spanning from Wrigleyville in Chicago to Downtown Evanston - from Winnetka to Des Plaines - which vividly captures the wide range of services we provide and the essence of our expertise:

  • Residential Electrician: Experience the elegance and functionality of modern lighting through our work. Our licensed Chicago electricians specialize in installing a range of residential lighting solutions. From the cozy ambiance of recessed lighting to the practical brilliance of task lighting, each project is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Commercial Electrician: Our expertise extends to the commercial realm, where we illuminate spaces with efficiency and style. Discover our proficiency in commercial lighting installations, ranging from energy-saving LED downlights to high-bay lighting that transforms large spaces. Each project showcases our ability to blend aesthetics with functionality, catering to a variety of business needs.
  • Electrical Repairs: Reliability is key in electrical repairs, and our team excels in diagnosing and resolving complex issues. From correcting blown fuses to rewiring systems, we ensure safety and efficiency in every task.
  • New Construction: Building the future, one wire at a time. Our role in new constructions melds innovative design with impeccable execution, laying the electrical foundations for homes and businesses that stand the test of time.

Explore Previous Residential & Commercial Electrician Services in Chicago

Every image in our gallery is a story of dedication, expertise, and customer-focused service resulting in more experienced electricians ready to service your home or business today. We invite you to witness the quality and precision that Sims & Sons Electric and Plumbing brings to every project, big or small, in the heart of Chicago.

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